Individual Tax Services

We provide a wide range of tax services for individuals. Our goal is to be your tax and accounting consultant for years to come.

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Business Tax Services

From those just starting out in the business world to fully formed companies, businesses need accurate and timely financial accountings to maintain profitability.

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Home Health Agency

Our goal is to save your time so you can concentrate on the main job at hand which is running your business.

Payroll Services

We offer payroll solutions that meet your needs and enable you to spend time focusing on running your company.

Bookkeeping Services

Our goal is to save your time so you can concentrate on the main job at hand which is running your business successfully.

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What We Can Offer


We offer wide solution on smart investments so you can achieve safe profit increase in the shortest time frame available without possible lost of the investment


Our company will handle all administrative, paper, legal work for you so you can maximally be focused on your are of expertise in order to achieve best possible results in your job


Our dedicated tax advisors will explain to you all your legal obligation towards the state regarding taxes so you can fully understand them and to be able to handle them properly without hassle


We will advise you how to plan your finance regarding credits, mortgages, retirement, cards, bank accounts, salaries and everything you need to understand how it all works










What Others Say

Mark Doe

CEO Director

We are pleased to say that work done of the accountants is outstanding. Everything what we asked was done on time and with high precision by the professional team. With proper briefing there is no room for any mistakes. Every aspect has been explained in a way that we can understand it fully.

Sandy Storm

PR Manager

We had requests in multiple industry branches and once we found Account we were sure that we will cover all our accountant requirements and that we will be able to focus on our work and not worrying about legal papers. We are happy to say that every job was done on time and with high quality.

Pamela Heart

Project Meanie

In the ever growing agriculture processes we've selected Account which ended to be our best corporation decisions. All our problem about investments are solved in quick and professional way with maximum profit gained.

Nancy Star

Project Manager

We are small business company and we do not have enough time to do bookkeeping so we hired Account to do the job for us. We are surprised how much we do not need to worry about administrative service anymore and we can focus on our work.